Plot Hooks

These plot hooks are a collection of things the players have interacted with but have not fully figured out, have actions not yet performed, or have mysteries unlearnt by the characters. They are roughly in order of discovery; any discrepancies are the fault of the DM and not a means to hide or showcase any item over any other.

NOTE: This list is not meant as a checklist. Not all items are solvable or doable. Sometimes there will be competing goals that prohibit one or more items from being resolved. Some items may be beneficial to do, others may cause harm if not handled in a specific manner; conversely, some items will be better left alone completely. It’s up to the players to decide which are worth doing, and in what order. =)

  • There seems to be more than one faction of Vistani. Furthermore, werewolves have been known to attack them.
  • Arrigal delivered a note that was a lie to the players. It indicated that Ireena Kolyana was the lover of Kolyan Indirovich, who was in fact her adopted father and is now deceased.
  • Yenkin Martran died but came back to life immediately, and now has bugs crawling around in his ears. No one knows/understands why/how.
  • Brume keeps having very vivid dreams. Are they more than just dreams?
  • Mad Mary is crying and has boarded herself up in Little Barovia
  • Jenny Greenteeth is willing to trade magical services for favors. She’s also recruited Tobin Shaw to help her tinker with making and selling magical items.
  • Father Donavich has requested that Brume seek out the Abbot of the Abbey of Saint Markovia in Krezk, searching for a cure for Donavich’s son Doru Grigorovich.
  • Using and understanding the clues of The Tarokka Reading given by Madame Eva. The Vistani matron also gave cryptic clues about some characters’ pasts, with hints about what their future may entail.
  • The Morninglord and Mother Night were both active and powerful in Barovia’s past, but some curse upon the Barovians’ ancestors seems to have both drawn in Strahd and the Mists, and the two gods disappeared.
  • Madame Eva may request a favor from the party in the future.
  • Strahd von Zarovich has told the party that Ireena Kolyana belongs to him, and that she agreed to this decision willingly in exchange for him resurrecting her father, Kolyan Indirovich.
  • The Death House has been burned downed and came back. It seems to rebuild itself.
  • Zack has promised Yelena Arasek of Arasek Stockyard that he will rent a storage unit (for 25g) from them within a week in exchange for discount on supplies that he bought then and there.
  • Vaz Vizorach wants to be like the party members and kill bandits and adventure
  • Apparently, Vallaki has two rival factions: the Vallakovichs and the Wachters.
  • Werewolves are lurking along the western stretches of Barovia
  • A wooden-legged Vistana rescued Sophie and Paloma and brought them to the Sunset Gate of Vallaki
  • Baron Vargas Vallakovich requires the characters to be the guests of honor at the Festival of the Burning Sun in exchange for his help in finding Ireena
  • Baroness Lydia Petrovna says her household is missing two servants, a butler and a lady’s maid.
  • Izek Strazni had kidnapped Ireena. The question is, were the Vallakovichs involved or aware, or was he acting on his own?
  • The Baron has sent guards after the party. What does he have on the adventurers?
  • Some group themed with a raven-and-key motif had a letter dropped off via ravens to alert the party to … something regarding the Vallakovichs and Wachters. Who is this group? What do they want?
  • There were undead, cultists, and seemingly a summoning going on in the cellar of the Wachterhaus. How involved are the Wachters with these nefarious schemes?

Old plothooks
These have been completed, solved, or otherwise rendered irrelevant..

Plot Hooks

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