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  • Wachterhaus

    [[File:757776 | class=media-item-align-center | wachterhaus.jpg]] The mansion of the [[:fiona-wachter | Lady Fiona Wachter]] and her [[Wachters | family]] in [[Vallaki | Vallaki]].

  • Wachters

    The Wachter Family and their allies. [[:fiona-wachter | Fiona Wachter]] is the matriarch of the family. She has two sons, [[:nikolai-and-karl-wachter | Nikolai and Karl Wachter]], and a daughter, [[:stella-wachter | Stella Wachter]]. [[:ernst- …

  • Fiona Wachter

    Fiona is the head of the Wachter family and a powerful noble in her own right, with her own power base in [[Vallaki | Vallaki]]. Lives in [[Wachterhaus | Wachterhaus]]. Matriarch of the [[Wachters | Wachters]]. Mother of [[:nikolai-and-karl-wachter …

  • Nikolia Wachter

    Former patriarch of the [[Wachters | Wachter Family]], ming aster of the [[Wachterhaus | Wachterhaus]], deceased husband of [[:fiona-wachter | Lady Fiona Wachter]], and father of [[:nikolai-and-karl-wachter | Nikolai, Karl]] and [[:stella-wachter | Stella …